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This is the United States Marine Corps’ official community website. It is dedicated to providing answers and sharing the actual stories from parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors who have experienced the honor and commitment identified with the most elite branch of military service in the United States of America.


By registering to be a member of the LifeAsAMarine community, you will be able to track the activity of contributors that you admire, comment on the stories that you find compelling, and even share your own experiences, photos and videos. To register, simply click here and follow the instructions provided. Once you have completed your registration, you may explore the following options:

  • Share Your Story — By clicking on the "Share Your Story" button, you will be able to post your personal Marine Corps experiences, including photos and videos. To upload a story:
    • Sign in
    • Go to the "My Activity" tab or click here
    • Enter all information that is required, along with photos or video
    • Submit your story to be approved for publication
  • Post A Comment - As a registered member, you may comment on stories from other members by entering your comment in the text-box provided below each story.
  • Like It - By clicking on the "Like It" button provided below each story, you may show your support for stories that you have found to be compelling and helpful. Non-members have access to the "Like It" feature, but only members will have their likes attributed to their profiles.
  • Share It - This feature allows for you to circulate stories from the LifeAsAMarine community to anyone via Facebook, Twitter or Email.


There are several icons that you will see on the site. Here is what they mean:

  • Indicates the story includes one or more photos
  • Indicates the story contains a video
  • Indicates the story is an article with no photos or video
  • Indicates the number of comments about a story
  • Get perspectives from Marines, Parents and Friends. The gold "User Stories" label indicates that a story is from a LifeAsAMarine member’s perspective.
  • Get the Facts from the Marine Corps. The blue "Marine Corps" label indicates information that is provided by the Marine Corps about the Marine Corps.
  • The "Helpful?" button indicates the number of readers that have found a particular comment to be beneficial. You may add your approval of a comment by clicking on the up-arrow button. This feature is available to members and non-registered visitors.