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I am a mother of 4, my son Anthony is a marine with 3/4 India Co.

I have been a marine mom for three years, have been through one deployment and getting ready for the second deployment.


Describe the positive impact the Marine Corps has made on you.

I have the opportunity to watch a young man become a man that has made me proud and forever grateful to the marine corps

What makes you proud of the United States Marine Corps?

The training is top notch, the marine family is like no other that you will encounter, everyone is like family.

What is a piece of advice you have for recruits, new Marines, or members of the Marine Corps family?

My advice to the members of the Marine Corps Family is 1 try to go to the graduation of your son or daughter, it will be an enlightened experience. 2 They may not be able to write or call when they need to, be patient, if the unit has a facebook page, friend it, as well as your marine's page, my family has found it much easier to communicate that way and last enjoy the time they are home on leave

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