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I was born in Carmichael, Ca. in the year 1990. I am a High School graduate, now attending TechSkills for an IT certification. I want to join the USMC as soon as I can, after graduating the college.


Describe the positive impact the Marine Corps has made on you.

Matthew Hancock has not addressed this question.

What makes you proud of the United States Marine Corps?

I am proud of the USMC because they adapt so much to do a tremendous job in order to keep this country safe and running. There are numerous people that go through their lives not knowing what they want to do or where they feel like they belong. The United States Marine Corps is one place I'm sure you can feel wanted, even if you don't have a family and never knew what one was like.

What is a piece of advice you have for recruits, new Marines, or members of the Marine Corps family?

In the United States Marine Corps, you have a family that watches your back. Your immediate family back home can and very likely will send you letters. Cherish their support. Remember that there have been countless women and men that have gone before you through this program. If they can do it, so can you. Never give up. Semper Fidelis!