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I am going to join the Marine Corps in 3 years. I have wanted to do this since I was 10/11 years old. I am now about 16 years old.


Describe the positive impact the Marine Corps has made on you.

They have shown me the way of fight. Not a negative impact, but the positive impact they have on themselfs, the situation they may get in, and on people not just here in America, but in other places all around the world. The are the fighters for life. No person in the world can even have the guts to compare thier lifes to the lifes of a marine. Not one!

What makes you proud of the United States Marine Corps?

What makes me proud of the United States Marine Corps is that they have made an impact on my life, and the fact that they are willing to give up thier lifes just to fight for thier country. They have made an impact on my life, so much that I am willing to go down the same road as they have. Being a marine does not just mean that you are fighting for your life and country. Being a marine means that you are the will of the will not. You fight for the fight for freedome!

What is a piece of advice you have for recruits, new Marines, or members of the Marine Corps family?

My advice to any person who is involved with the military in any sort of way, is this... Being a marine takes guts. And there is a lot of compatition within being in the military. If you feel the need to back out, DONT. Look at America... So much has happened in todays world, yet we keep going. Do that, keep going. You and your family are THE hope of America. Fight till the end!