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I am a highschool student enlisting in the Marine Corps. From current expierence, I have made a longlasting friendship with a Marine who has served in the past. He has helped me through my decision and has supported me when the support I should have at home was never there. I will forever be thank full for him, and owe my life to him. My service to my country will ultimatley be my service to him.


Describe the positive impact the Marine Corps has made on you.

The Marine Corps has made a sever impact on my life beacuse I have made the decision to join The Few The Proud. I first was interested in the Marines because I met a veteran who is only about 26 years old, and is and forever will be my mentor as long as I am in the Marines.

What makes you proud of the United States Marine Corps?

What makes me proud about the United States Marine Corps is the fact that the Marines are americas first line of defense in most if not all cases. I also am proud to be able to rest at night thanks to the saftey that Marines provide for us daily. I can rest at night knowing that the job given to them will be completed, with no questions asked.:)

What is a piece of advice you have for recruits, new Marines, or members of the Marine Corps family?

Advice I would have for future Recruits is to find a Marine who is currently serving or a Marine who has served, and build up a friendship with him or her. Ask as many questions as wanted or needed to be the most prepared for boot camp. Parents, give your child your full support in this life changing decison.