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I love being outside and being out in nature. I hope to at some point in the future join a branch of the military, although I'm still trying to decide which branch would be right right for me. I enjoy reading, fishing, hiking, and archery. I'm a student at Minuteman Technical High School, and I'm currently majoring in biotechnology. I plan on going to college in the future. I won an award my freshman year of high school for my writing, I won the summer reading contest at my school for the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. I attended the 2011 Walk for Hunger . I have meet Kathe Koja (the author of Buddha Boy), and M. T. Anderson (the author of Feed).


Describe the positive impact the Marine Corps has made on you.

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What makes you proud of the United States Marine Corps?

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What is a piece of advice you have for recruits, new Marines, or members of the Marine Corps family?

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