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Prestige and Legacy


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The prestige and legacy of the Marine Corps is well known. The most elite warriors and leaders in our nation’s armed forces wear the Marine uniform.

Our institution began with the country itself. The Marine Corps was founded by act of Continental Congress in 1775 as the defenders of the colonies in their struggle for independence. We were tasked with remaining always ready to protect the United States’ interests in times of need.

More than 235 years later, we maintain this Marine legacy by upholding the highest standards. Few men and women have the opportunity to become Marines, and even fewer will prove they have the drive, endurance and character to become members of this elite force.

If your son or daughter is one of the few, you and your family will share in the prestige and in the pride we feel to be upholding the ideals of democracy and supporting the American way of life.

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Susan Lutenbacher Avatar


When my son wanted to enlist in the Marine Corps, I supported his decision. Out of curiosity, I asked him, "Why the Marines?". His answer stunned me with its gravity and simplicity: "Mom, if I were to join any other branch, I would hate to look back years from now and know that if I had only tried harder, I could have been with the best." I am so proud of my son and I am so grateful that he chose to become a U.S. Marine. As my husband told his Senior DI at graduation, "He was a good kid when he got here, but you've put the polish on him. Now he's as strong and as focused as a diamond."
Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!!!

Posted by: Susan Lutenbacher on 01/19/2011




Tyler Ramer Avatar


Your son's response made my day. Thank you, for being such a wonderful and supportive mother. I hope he is doing well today, as well as your family.

Posted by: Tyler Ramer on 08/20/2012




Tina Hall Avatar


My 18 year old son, decided that he was going to join the Marines first, before going to college. He had a few offers from several different schools to play football and receive partial scholarships. He was not interested, he told us that he was joining the Marines. I asked WHY the Marines and not the Air Forces or Navy, his response was, because they are the Best of the Best. He is now in his 4th week of basic training and from his letter's he is doing just fine.

Posted by: Tina Hall on 09/11/2012