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Not Planning on College Yet




Those who aren't college bound but still have the drive, character and determination to excel can be extremely successful as Marines.

Some young men and women are more excited about starting their military career than attending college immediately. Some aren't ready for college yet. Some have tried college and didn’t have the experience they thought they would. Some can’t afford it right out of high school. Others simply don't think college is for them.

Becoming and serving as a Marine is an unmatched educational experience.
It begins with Recruit Training, where academic learning is emphasized alongside physical training, and the recruits share a collective desire to succeed.

After Recruit Training, Marines receive a professional military education, continually learning values, leadership skills and job-specific knowledge that make them successful in the Marine Corps and as citizens.

Marines become experts in learning from every situation, often under high levels of pressure or in nonconventional environments. This strengthens their ability to solve problems and lead others.

Sometimes, the Marine Corps experience instills the desire to pursue a college degree in Marines who previously didn’t think college was for them.

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Jonathan Rhoden Avatar


I'm 17 years old and am a junior in high school. I'm interested in the Marines, but am going to wait till I turn 18 which will be in about 6 months, so I can focus on school. I was wondering what I should do physically and mentally to prepare myself? What eating habits I should take into consideration? Thanks and God Bless.

Posted by: Jonathan Rhoden on 04/15/2011