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Marine Officer opportunities are available to students on their way to completing a college degree. Marine Officer programs allow students to continue their college studies while becoming leaders of the world’s most elite forces.

The education of a Marine Officer starts in the summer, during or after college. In 6- or 10-week-long sessions, students learn what they need to earn their commission on the day they graduate.

Becoming a Marine Officer is a way to serve our country while gaining unparalleled leadership training and experience. It is a noble path that affords greater responsibility and advancement than most civilian fields can offer.

Becoming an officer candidate during college gives students direction and purpose: they are no longer simply earning a degree—they're simultaneously starting their careers, whether they will stay in the Marine Corps for life or use Marine Corps skills and values to succeed in a civilian career.

The Marine Officer path is one of continual learning, one that's been called the best leadership and management training in the world. Throughout their service, Marine Officers receive expert training in one of hundreds of Marine jobs as well as world-class professional military and leadership training. They also have access to advanced degree programs that allow them to earn a master's degree or Ph.D.

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Patrick Chicton Avatar


While in school, are the marines allowed to live off base/campus?

Posted by: Patrick Chicton on 08/12/2010




Community Manager Avatar


Patrick - A Marine Corps Officer Selection Officer is the best resource to answer questions that are specific to your situation. Please fill out the form located on to find an OSO near you:
Thanks for joining!

Posted by: Community Manager on 08/20/2010




Trevor Fell Avatar


To go to a marine corps college, would you still have to be an officer after graduation, or could you just take the classes to get mentally,and physically prepared for the "12 weeks"?

Posted by: Trevor Fell on 03/27/2011




andres gonzalez Avatar


Hello, i got a few questions about becoming a marine officer but i can't request for more info at the Marine Officer site because i live in another country. Yes, i want to be a Marine, going to college at the moment and would be graduating in about 2 years (knock on wood) but i don't know if that bachelor's degree would be valid in the US. Please i really need some help because that is my dream.... finish college, take a plane to the US, get off the plain and go to the nearest recruiting office and sign in.

Posted by: andres gonzalez on 05/03/2011




martha bernal Avatar


Buenas tardes soy la feliz y muy orgullosa madre de PABLO ANDRES ROMERO BERNAL, quien ingreso a la Marine Corps el dia 10 de octubre del presente ano. Mi corazon con sentimientos encontrados pues lleno de orgullo y placer porque mi hijo defendera hoy este su pais, pero en nuestro hogar su ausencia nos duele, le extranamos profundamente, nos hace falta su calidez, ese ser humano maravilloso, hijo y hermano incomparable luego tenemos la inmensa dicha de que el 5 y 6 de enero de enero del 2012 compartiremos dos dias maravillosos con el en la base de Parri Island SC., y el regresara a casa por 9 dias. MARTHA BERNAL

Posted by: martha bernal on 11/26/2011