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Supporting the Decision

When you first hear that your son, daughter or student wants to become a Marine, you realize, from this moment forward, everything will be different.

You feel proud, but you probably have many questions. You may be concerned or even worried. For parents, it's the realization that your child now sees himself as an adult ready to make the highest commitment to serve our nation. For teachers, coaches and clergy, it's the sense that you must now pass the responsibility for helping this young person grow to another. You must trust that the Marine Corps will guide your son, daughter or student toward the values you've instilled in them.

The first and best thing you can do is support their decision. Marine recruiters encourage young men and women to reflect on their desire to join the Corps. The Marine Corps only seeks young people who will hold themselves to the highest standards of honor, courage and commitment. As Marines, they will grow into the adults you always hoped they would become.