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Community Guidelines

As a member of the community, you take personal responsibility for your comments, your profile and any information you submit. In that spirit, users are asked to adhere to the guidelines below to ensure that this community remains an interactive forum. supports the right of its users to voice opinions of all kinds, but violation of any of these guidelines may result in removal or rejection of your comments, stories, videos, photos or profile.

While aims to provide an open, interactive space for all users to better understand their prospective Marine’s decision to enlist in the Corps and to connect with others in similar situations, we ask that you share your opinions and feedback in a respectful manner. Therefore please note the following:

  • We do not allow comments that are abusive, hateful or slanderous to any person, organization or nation.
  • We do not allow comments that suggest, endorse or encourage illegal activity.
  • We will not publish any content that could endanger a current Marine or military operation.
  • To protect the members of the community, we do not publish certain Personally Identifiable Information (PII), inclusive of personal e-mail addresses or personal phone numbers. Appropriate comments or stories, including PII, will be posted without these details at the Community Manager’s discretion.
  • We do not allow any sort of solicitation or advertisement, including endorsement of any commercial, financial or non-governmental organization.
  • We encourage you to rely on member postings for answers to Marine Corps related questions. Please do not email the Community Manager with questions about a specific Marine. And remember, your local recruiter is just a phone call away and is the best resource to answer these specific questions.

Additionally, the appearance of external URLs does not constitute endorsement on behalf of the United States Marine Corps or the Department of Defense.

We encourage you to share your support for the Marines and connect with other supporters here on and to visit frequently for new content and information.

Please view the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages of for more information.