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Maj Stacey Taylor

Posted By: Community Manager 06-04-10



MAJ STACEY TAYLOR: In all my time, every time that I have served no matter, you know, being in the military, serving as a volunteer, I seem to always get more than I’ve given. People that you get to meet, the opportunities that you get, the different things that you get to see and you can’t stay in the military forever, but once you leave out of the Marine Corps you’re going to continue to be a contributor to society. I continue to serve in the Marine Corps because I - - I know that there is something out there greater than me, and I think the only way I can live abundantly is by serving, by giving, and - - and putting some other things above my own cost. If you’re looking for an opportunity to be a leader and you want to make a difference in somebody’s life, I think President Reagan said it the best is that, you know, a lot of people go through life wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem. I would just tell them if you want to make a difference, if you want to leave a legacy behind, then the Marine Corps is a - - is a great place for you. [01:06.0]
Major Stacey L. Taylor is grateful for his chance to serve. The Marine Corps has allowed him to become a more dutiful, committed citizen—someone who is proud to make a difference every day.

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