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Our Son

Posted By: Community Manager 04-01-10


Our Son

When you carry a baby for 9 months you have a bond like no other. It's hard to let him grow up and become a man. I had to finally accept it when he became a Marine. Man is defined as Marine....there is a difference.

Sincerely, Teri

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malinda crum Avatar


I agree but right know I an not sure if I want a man ( marine ) or my baby back. :) I am so Proud of my son I just never thought I would miss him this much every time I told him to grow up LOL. SEMPER FI CODY

Posted by: malinda crum on 09/19/2012




Carlen D'Larenti Avatar


I love this!

Posted by: Carlen D'Larenti on 11/09/2010