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Mark Kelly

Posted By: Community Manager 06-04-10



MARK KELLY: I’ve always considered the Marines kind of the elite I guess of the - - of the military. I’ve talked to a couple of kids that have - - have - - they’ll drop in on you occasionally and they say hello and, you know, they’ll be in their uniforms - - a lot of times they’re in their uniforms. It’s great to see them. They look great. They look healthy. They look strong. They look fit. And they - - they have an air about them. They come back with - - with a new look. It is, it’s a grown-up look. It’s a responsible attitude. It’s - - it’s a real change in character for a lot of them and it’s - - it’s - - they’re always positive. I’ve never seen any of the changes that have been negative. They’re always positive - - strong positive changes. I think you form relationships that are probably going to be lifelong relationships in there and you’ll probably learn some values, and if you don’t learn them, you relearn them and you reinforce a lot of values that you already had. Discipline, respect, hard work, those are - - those are good - - good values. [01:00.0] It’s a good option to - - to look at the Marines. They offer a lot and they certainly - - they can have a great influence on your entire life. Not just your life in the Marine Corps, but your life as a citizen. [01:13.0]
High school principal Mark Kelly talks about the positive impact the Marine Corps has had on his former students.

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