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Caline and Sgt Daryl McNatt

Posted By: Community Manager 06-08-10



Daryl: 00:00:03 - My name is Sergeant Daryl McNatt. I was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. Caline: 00:00:08 - My name is Caline McNatt, and I’m originally from Staten Island, New York. 00:00:13 - Well, we have four children now and one on the way. 00:00:16 - The kids are actually, they’re very proud of him. Not every kid can say you know, that Dad is a Marine, and when they’re in school, that’s the first thing they say. Like my son, he just did a report. He had to do an interview. He had to pick somebody, could have been a family or friend, and he wanted to pick his dad, because his dad is a Marine and he was so proud. And he got to share that with his class and it was very exciting for him. Daryl: 00:00:41 - I look back on September 11th. I was going to school and everything, and then when I seen that tragedy happen, it affected me because I was like, man, how can some people do something like that. Caline: 00:00:56 - To watch him take pride in wanting to defend that and wanting to, you know, defend our country is a very honorable thing, and we’re very proud of him. Daryl: 00:01:04 - I want to do something for the whole country where…defending it no matter what. That’s why I decided to join the Marines. 00:01:11 - It’s very important, the brotherhood and camaraderie. 00:01:15 - It’s because it’s like, no matter what situation you’re in, the brother to the left and my right always has my back and I always have their back. It’s the pride of belonging. To belong to something that’s way bigger than you. Once you come through recruit training, it’s like, you stand taller. And a lot of average people will see you and be like, you’ve changed. You’re not the same guy that just played basketball or hung out on the corner. You’re willing to give back, you know. I may see something that’s going wrong, and I’ll just step in, because that’s just me and that’s the way I always felt before I joined the Marine Corps, but the Marine Corps enhanced it. And we all have, we all have the same plan. You know, to support and defend this country no matter what. That’s what keeps us going, and there’s no situation that you could put us in that would keep us down. You become that extended family. Caline: 00:02:12 - Well, the Marine Corps family is, I think it’s broken down into all of us together, and then there’s this whole other world of the Marine Corps called the Marine Corps wives. You know, these wives, they really go out of their way to make other wives feel comfortable and to make them more knowledgeable about what’s out there for them to access. 00:02:34 - I got to see, like the resources and, you know, the difference from living on base to living out in town, and you know, the traveling and as far as with our children, the different extracurricular activities that they have on every base you go to. And how family oriented it is. And those are things that are like a privilege and a blessing, because in other situations or opportunities you might not have those things so accessible. 00:03:08 - My husband as a Marine. I would say very dedicated. Great father, great husband, always helps out. And a great son, you know, to his mother. I’m sure all these qualities were there, but they weren’t all visible before he joined the Corps, and that’s being honest. He’s so much more focused and so much more comfortable in his skin doing the things he believes in. Daryl: 00:03:37 - I’m proud. I’m patriotic. I’m just more than patriotic. It’s just instilled in me that I will support and defend this country no matter what. 00:03:50 END
Sergeant Daryl McNatt and his wife Caline McNatt discuss the pride their children feel toward their father being a Marine. They are thankful for the wealth of resources the Marine Corps has provided to their family.

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