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Eric Kapitulik

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Kapitulik: 00:00:05 - My name is Eric Kapitulik, and I served in the Marine Corps from June of 1995 ‘til September of 2003. When I left the Marine Corps, I was a Major. 00:00:17 - I was born and raised in North Grosvenor Dale, Connecticut. It’s a little, little town in northeastern Connecticut, and I went to high school there, and then from there, attended and graduated from the United States Naval Academy. 00:00:30 - There were other colleges I could have gone to, but none that offered the unique challenge that the Naval Academy offered. I would say the same thing about the Marine Corps, that yes, I could have gone into the Navy after graduating from the Naval Academy, but it was that unique challenge of the Marine Corps. That the Marine Corps…it is different. And it’s different because of the challenge it provides each and every Marine every single day. 00:01:01 – After eight years in the Marine Corps, I went to business school at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and so I moved back to the northeast and spent a year in the financial industry before starting The Program, my own company. 00:01:17 - It’s an athletic and leadership and development company. 00:01:21 - I founded The Program because the Marine Corps standards of what it means to be a good team leader, what it means to be a good teammate, weren’t being taught outside the Marine Corps. 00:01:35 - The Marine Corps teaches leadership. That’s what it does. It teaches leadership, and although I had opportunities to lead in my various athletic teams I was a member of growing up, I really had a vague idea of what being a good leader was. The Marine Corps really taught it. They taught it, they challenged me on it. That’s what they helped instill in me more than anybody else anywhere, anytime. 00:02:15 - As a Marine, you’re taught to accomplish the mission and take care or your people. 00:02:20 - You’re taught that when you first join active duty. But then that’s the standard you’re held to, not only during your time on active duty, but that’s the standard that you’re held to as a Marine for the rest of your life in everything that you do. I always want to challenge myself physically and mentally. 00:02:46 - Of those things I have succeeded at, ultimately why I believe I’ll be successful, it’s not because of the things that I learned at the Naval Academy, it’s not because of the things I learned at the University of Chicago Business School. As important as those things are and as great an education as I received at both of those institutions, the things that I learned in the Marine Corps are going to be ultimately what I believe will ensure my success. 00:03:22
Former Marine Corps Major Eric Kapitulik remembers his 8-year service in the Marines for the leadership skills he gained. He explains how the Marine Corps values of teamwork and leadership have helped him start his own company.

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