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In Fathers' Footsteps & Beyond

Posted By: Community Manager 04-01-10


Fathers Footsteps 1

I served in the Marines from 1975-1979. I was always proud of what I had accomplished, and of always being known as a Marine. But my pride jumped leaps and bounds when I went back to Parris Island after 32 years to see my son graduate from Marine Corps boot camp. But it wasn't that he graduated, but that he outdid his father with his accomplishments.
My son Marques graduated as the Platoon 3013 Honor Man and also the India Company Honor Man. He earned the Dress Blues Uniform by being the Platoon Guide, he shot Expert at the Rifle Range and he scored 287 out of 300 in Physical Fitness Test. My wife told me that I was strutting like a proud old lion. After Graduation my wife and I and his friends took our son Marques to eat at the Outback in Beaufort, SC. As we turned the corner from the parking lot, I noticed a group of people standing in front of the establishment. When they saw my son in his dress blues walking toward them, I immediately noticed the look of admiration in their eyes. Believe me when I tell you that the proud old lion was strutting again. This is an original story, shared by a Marine and posted by the Community Manager on their behalf.

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