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They Made History

Posted By: Community Manager 01-30-12




As the first African Americans to serve in the Marine Corps, Montford Point Marines changed the face of the United States Marine Corps forever.

Aspiring to the same title as any other recruits, they were tested with more stringent standards than any Marine who came before. Through it all, they demonstrated uncommon courage and immense pride.

This month we share personal stories in honor of three men who served at Montford Point--Robert D. Reid, Gene Doughty and Charles O. Foreman.

In achieving recognition and respect as Marines, these men and all Montford Point Marines left a significant and lasting impact on the Corps, one that has paved the way for successive generations of African American Marines who serve today with honor and distinction.

Almost sixty-five years after the Montford Point Camp closed Congress passed a bill marking a major milestone in American history. On November 23, 2011, President Obama signed into law the bill awarding of the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor civilians can receive, to the Montford Point Marines for their bravery and unceasing commitment to the Corps and our country.

There will be a Congressional Gold Medal award ceremony honoring the Montford Point Marines, tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2012. For more information on the ceremony click here.

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Alonzo Watkins Avatar

Former Marine

Thank you US Marine Corps for honoring these men for their courage and bravery. It's patriotic stories such as these that inspire me to say , God bless America, and may The Lord bless the United States Marine Corps.

Presiding Bishop A. A. Watkins

Posted by: Alonzo Watkins on 02/12/2013




robert whitaker Avatar

Former Marine


Posted by: robert whitaker on 01/16/2013




robert whitaker Avatar

Former Marine

former marine read book about a month ago much respect and a very deep thank you .the corp was hard but as a black man in the corp you had to prove everyday all the time that you are just as good or better.

Posted by: robert whitaker on 01/16/2013




Pastor Mel Keyes Avatar


I have a heart of gratitude for U.S. Marines everywhere.
Special thanks to my grandfather, Montford Point Marine, Ret. Pastor Willie J. Outler.

Posted by: Pastor Mel Keyes on 12/04/2012




Yasmeen Williams Avatar


One of the Montford Point Marines is a Trustee at my church. I am proud to say that he is a good man. When we first learned of the Montford Point Marines through him, my father (now deceased), was Pastor of our church the church. My father had an eye for developing greatness in people and great things in the community, so once he heard the story about the Montford Point Marines, he allowed them to have an annal celebration at our church to make people more aware of who they were and the greatness they have contributed to this country. The program grew by leaps and bounds the longer we celebrated. People were beginning to come from far and near for the annual celebration. When my father passed the celebrations ceased perhaps because others did not see the virtue, the historical impact, and the vision of this ceremony. These men are equal to the greatness of The Tuskegee Airmen, and many more. There are streets, cities, books, movies, and more named after the Tuskegee Airmen, well the Montford Point Marines should be honored and remembered in the same way. They will receive the gold medal from the President very soon. Some of them are still alive and should witness this occasion. This is an incredible time for these men. We lost one last year and they are not getting any younger. Please, if you are reading this comment, take the time to celebrate those who are still with us from the Montford Point Marines. I see one of them every Sunday in church. He wears his medals proudly even when he wears his nicely tailored suit. He looks very nice in it. But he congregation doesn't really notice. Sometimes I think they think hes just an old man wearing war gear - perhaps because he can't let go of the memory or something. I don't know. But everytime I see him proudly wearing his medals I think of sacrifice, and courage, strength, and honor. I feel a different kind of patriotism because I can seeproof, first hand that we (my people) made history by protecting this country and my right to live in freedom today. It reminds me that my own father, who served in the United States Army in Italy, earned a purple heart, and some other medal in the shape of a mans head that looks like gold, and an honorable discharge. My own father who came home with a plate of steel in his head from a bullet wound and scrap metal in his body from which God healed him and his heart to become one of the greatest citizens in Washington, DC. He and our trustee - the Montford Point Marine did great things together to help children, seniors, and adults. The story is too long to tell here, but from a little girls perspective growing up to adulthood and watching the making of history right in front of my face - it is an extraordinary story to tell.

Posted by: Yasmeen Williams on 05/10/2012




clark adams Avatar


My late father LeRoy Adams was the happiest and proudest that I'd seen him in many years when he was saluted by the CMC at the 8th & I Barracks last August. I grew up hearing about his service in the Marines. My father had a love hate relationship over his treatment as a young Marine. I do belive he went to his rest proud to be a Marine. He was laid to rest in his Montford Point dress combination. He was Semper Fi!

Posted by: clark adams on 02/23/2012




Michele J Harris Avatar


I am extremly proud that the MONTFORD POINT MARINES are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I'm just saddened that my father(Wm. Garland Jones Jr.)isn't here to see it. I'm so very proud to say, My father was one of the 1ST Blacks of "THE FEW. THE PROUD. THE MARINES".
Now all we need is the MOVIE; so everyone will know.
Thank You,
Michele Jones Harris.

Posted by: Michele J Harris on 02/19/2012




WILBERT Diggs Sr. Avatar

Former Marine

With out the montfordpoint Marines paving the way for there would still be one sided to all those
who began at montford point we THANKYOU

Posted by: WILBERT Diggs Sr. on 02/01/2012