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Ask A Marine

Posted By: Community Manager 05-12-11



ASK A MARINE: Motivational music in background and also some sounds of drill instructors speaking and the sounds a helicopter preparing for liftoff. Recruiter: The Marine Corps welcomes the questions that we receive from our community members about eligibility, enlistment requirements, training and life in the Corps. While a recruiter is always the best resource for information about becoming a Marine we’ll answer as many of your questions as possible in the Ask A Marine series. Join our Facebook Community at to submit your questions for Ask A Marine.
The United States Marine Corps listens to the questions our community asks, and there’s no one better to answer them than a Marine. Take a look at the introduction to our Ask A Marine series, and let us know what questions you’d like to have answered by a Marine. Visit and use the tool there to let us know what questions you have.

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Christina Smith Avatar


What would it take for me to become a Marine?

Posted by: Christina Smith on 05/17/2011




Chase Faris Avatar


Well I'm not gonna sign up for a while but slot of strength more smartness and most of all the ability to have teamwork :)

Posted by: Chase Faris on 07/13/2011