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Boot camp

Posted By: Latisha Rollison 03-14-13

On March 10, 2013 my first love let me for boot camp in Parris Island. I miss him already. That first night was rough because we are usually around one another 24/7 besides when i am at school. I didn't even get a call that night saying that he had arrived. But i know he is safe. These 3 months are going to be long but I know WE as a couple are going to get through it. As long as I send faithful words to him rough letters he will make it through. I believe in him. I have yet to receive a letter from him but I am being very patient with it. It might be a long 3 months but it will most defiantly be worth it. I love my boyfriend && he will be just fine as long as he keep his brotherhood with his US Marine brothers he will be just fine. I'm just ready for June 6, 2013 to come that's family day. That will be the most exciting thing that will happen in our relationship. Him transforming into a man. I love you Terrell Shaquell && I am more than ready for your return.

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