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Posted By: Jessica Ballew 03-12-13

I have to admit my story can be taken as a bit unconventional.
I met my boyfriend online. Living in San Diego I was always told to be aware of Marines but when I met my boyfriend he was different than the stories I had heard time and time again. When he told me he was in Camp Pendelton (which is about an hour drive from me) we planned on meeting in person.
We had a set date to meet and were both looking forward to it but, he was given the order that he had a 2 week field op. This didn't mess up our plans at all. It was the next part of news he got that did. His deployment date was the day his field op ended.
We talked on skype for hours talking about how we would still stay together and make things work. In the middle of the second week I got a message saying he was being deployed in 2 hours. I was scared to say the least. I didn't want to say goodbye.
We spent those 2 hours just talking and we made sure to not say goodbye.
We try our best to talk on skype as much as possible but it's difficult and I have grown to understand that. The time we do spend with each other on skype is something I cherish.
My boyfriend is stationed in Afghanistan until September. When he does come back to California we will be faced with the choice of him re-enlisting or going back to civilian life. The problem is he's been in for 6 years (since he was 17, he just turned 23 on the 1st) and California is so expensive so we're both afraid he might have to move back to Kentucky.
I know we still have 6 months to think things over but, it's on my mind all the time.

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