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We are almost there!!!

Posted By: ROE DELLAVALLE 03-02-13

My son CJ left on Dec.17the. He graduates on Mar.15th. His crucible starts on Tues. I can tell by some of the letters his friends received that it's been a lot harder than he thought. But he would never want me to know that. We both have been threw a lot in the last 11 weeks. The last thing he said before he walked into that hotel that night was to the man I have been seeing for years "Please take care of her". He was so worried about me not realizing what he had ahead of him. Well, that man left me 2 weeks ago and the promise of me and him driving to Parris Island to get CJ now is completely up to me. So the most is over but the hard time is here. CJ will get threw the Crucible with everything he has accomplished in the last 11 weeks, and I will find Parris Island on my own with my GPS! I am so proud of him, he could have done anything with his life and that incredible brain God gave him. So on Mar. 14th when I finally lay my eye's on him and he sees I got there alone, we will both be so proud of one another nothing on this planet is going to matter. People keep saying how excited I should be he is coming home. But his home now is with the marines. After South Carolina there is North Carolina and then ???. So to all the families who are saying their good bye's and throwing their going away parties, I promise it feels like forever but it isn't.

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Maritza Garcia Avatar


Aww believe me I know the feeling I'm traveling from NJ my son graduates the same day Plt 1020 I divorced my son's father more than ten yrs ago, after so many ups and downs I didn't listen to my brain and got married again my new husband has made so many promises which he hasn't keep. I'm going without my "husband" too supposedly my support right? Why do I need a man that when I need him the most he's not there so I better off and this will be a nice getaway from him. Well at least my daughter and a couple of my sons friends will be there too. The most important thing now is giving our support to our kids right, we have to be so proud of our heroes. Stay strong only time and God will heal our hearts. See you at graduation

Posted by: Maritza Garcia on 03/08/2013




Christine Baerwald Avatar


Your son, like mine has taken on a challenge that they will get through. My Justin graduates April 5th from San Diego. Congratulations on making it through, it has been tough for all of the parents but we, like our children need to put our best foot forward. Our children look to us for strength so keep that in mind. Our support is imperative for their new life as a Marine. Remember, there life will always be with you but they now have a life of their own. We all knew this day would come eventually. You sound like you have a fantastic young man on your hands. Yes the Marines is now his EXTENDED family, you will always be his family. Continue to show your support and strength as they need that more than ever. When one door closes, another door opens. Make the best of each and every opportunity for both yourself and your child. Best wishes for your travels and congratulations to you both. :-)

Posted by: Christine Baerwald on 03/07/2013