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Leaving Week

Posted By: Kim Cash 02-28-13

On Monday, I drove the two hours to the enlistment center to see my son one last time, to witness his swearing-in. For the very first time in his life, I recognized that he was exhausted and nervous and there was not one thing I could do to fix it for him. It was now his challenge, his job. And I finally realized that the Marine Corps is indeed his job, his adult choice and career.

When I woke up Tuesday morning to a very quiet, still house, I checked the boot camp schedule. For him, it is “Receiving Week”. For me, it is “Leaving Week”. And it is okay. I have so many incredibly wonderful friends and family to share the next 13 weeks with as I learn a new reality. I have no doubt that he will make friends there – lifetime friends and brothers – fellow Marines who will stand by his side in this new life he has chosen. And I am proud.

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