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Posted By: brooke sumpter 02-11-13

I'm the girlfriend of a guy who will graduate from Parris Island in 2 weeks. I was just wondering how you find your Marine on family day? Do they come to you, or do you go find them, how does it work? I don't want to get there and seem naive or clueless..

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They will send you to an all weather facility you will sit there and watch a video and hear from the staff, after that they present the Marines by opening a gate and they march in by Platoon, you will find him by the Flag they come in with, it has their platoon number on it. After about 45. Mins of speeches and presentations they will release the Marines and its a matter of how quick you spot him. :)

Enjoy! It's an amazing feeling! Once in a lifetime memory. God bless.

Posted by: Millie Ramos on 02/14/2013