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MCT Camp Geiger training questions

Posted By: Lee Jolley 01-04-13

What a great experience it was at Parris Island. I arrived several days early, Tuesday, and was allowed on base to do a little "site seeing". What a blast! I actually found my son's barracks and him... What a thrill. After 13 weeks to finally see him. I knew I couldn't have any contact with him, but seeing him was excellent. Family day was even better. Being able to talk to him and hug him, wow what a different man he is. If you can, stay around after your Marine goes back. They will be practicing on the parade deck. You will be able to see exactly where their platoon will be standing. You will then be able to see which bleachers you can see them better in. Moto run is also a blast. The graduation is nothing short of spectacular. Tears of joy and pride absolutely will flow. Good luck if you are trying to hold them back. As an extra special Christmas gift he was allowed RA. So He was here for 30 days!!! Now those 30 days are up (fastest 30 days of my life) and we will be leaving Monday to take him down for MCT.
Has anyone here ever attended MCT graduation? He keeps telling me it's no big deal to not wast my time. I on the other hand will not miss any thing in his career that is special. Anyone that has any info will greatly be appreciated. Like when to go down. What time should I be there? Is there a family day or leave that I can see him? Hotels in the area? Wearing anything special like the colors we wore at Boot graduation. Any info at all.
Thanks and Semper Fi!

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