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Never A Doubt

Posted By: michael adair 11-16-12

I have tried my best to teach my boys what I consider to be the foundations of life. Not just know the difference between right and wrong, but live it. Honor God, honor your family and honor yourself. Finally, I expect you to get into trouble, but there is a big difference between life affecting and life changing decisions. Early on we had discussions about how decisions that feel good at the moment carry a much higher price than you meant or want to pay. Please don’t get the impression that these were profound and meaningful conversations. Most of the time it was more of a hit or miss proposition. That being said:
Since he was 12 years old, my stepson, Michael said he was going to be a Marine. His Grandfather was retired Army and I spent 3 years in the Army, so we did our best to convince him that there was life other than being a “jarhead”. Apologies to my Oorah friends. Michael, though, is bound and determined to be a Marine.
On his own, he went to the recruiter, studied, worked out, and joined the Marines. His Mom and I monitored the situation, from as close as he would let us, but it was all his. I asked him what he wanted to do in the Marines, his short answer, “shoot shit and blow up stuff”. His long answer was somewhat more insightful and reassuring. Ultimately, he hopes to end up in law enforcement/SWAT.
He was all Gung Ho to join directly out of High School. I did manage to convince him to hold off until the fall. Two reasons, one he needed some R&R before embarking on this life changing experience and two, this was a big deal. The weeks leading up to him going to Boot Camp was challenging to us all. His stress level increased from both excitement and trepidation. Bottom line – he set a goal, designed a plan and now implementing same.
His enlistment has been difficult for his Mom. He is her little boy. They are best friends and have always been there for each other. I think the hardest part is the inability to talk to him, even if just for a moment. His group won drill and he got to call home. The call went directly to voicemail, she was so disappointed. She forwarded the message to me and I don’t know who sounded worse, him or her.
I digress. I am very proud of my stepson/son. Gene pool aside, I consider him my son and I am proud to be his parent. I never doubted that he would join. My last line in every letter, pay attention in class, you might learn something that will save my life. In reality, it is his, that I worry and pray about.

Big Michael

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