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Tammy A Gregory Avatar


Paris Island Boot Camp

Posted By: Tammy A Gregory 11-09-12

My Son left on November 5,2012 for Parris Island. I think he will be is Hotel Company and graduating February 1,2012. Anyone else out there that had a Son to leave one the same date?

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Ramie Wilson Avatar


My son also left on Nov. 5th, 2012. His Platoon is 2012, 2nd BN, Hotel Co. And he graduates Feb. 1, 2013. Please let me know if your son is in the same Platoon...Thanks

Posted by: Ramie Wilson on 12/15/2012




Theresa Oliver Avatar


Yes, my son left from Harrisburg MEPS on Nov. 5th. He is in 2010 Hotel Company, 2nd Battallion. His name is Kyle Crossland. What is your son's name and where are you from? He will be graduating (fingers crossed) Feb. 1st. I believe their were orginally 70 in his platoon and now there are 66 so evidently some recruits were asked to leave or dropped out. Feel so bad for them. It's got to be really really tough enduring all the training. One of the biggest concerns my son and I had was swim week but, apparently, he made it through, or I'd be hearing by now that he was dropped. So, so proud. They either have completed or are in the process of the Rappel Tower and the Gas Chamber. Good luck them all!!

Please write back. I'm hoping to have some dialogue with other mothers in the my son's platoon. Thank you!

Theresa Oliver

Posted by: Theresa Oliver on 12/11/2012




Carol Loumakis Avatar


Wow I just found this website and was so excited to see your post. My son, Philip left Nov 5 for Parris Island also. He's in the 2nd Battalion, H Company, graduating Feb.1, 2013 also. I have received many letters from him. He says he is having "fun". He tells me it's very hard and challenging, but he is a determined young man.

I'm so happy to connect with other parents, as I am a novice with the military, much less a Marine Recruit Parent.

I hope to hear from many other parents.

Posted by: Carol Loumakis on 12/02/2012




Dawna Sheets Avatar


Tammy My son left that day too. Hes in Hotel Co 2010 I sure miss him but we got a letter and he loves it I think its harder on us moms as we miss them. Hopefully Feb 1st will come fast

Posted by: Dawna Sheets on 11/20/2012