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My son was sent home...

Posted By: Lesli Askew 10-22-12

My son was at the end of his 5th week (after the gas chamber exercise) and got really sick. He was taken to a dr outside the base and was told by that dr. that he has an infection that was later diagnosed at Colitis. My son never, ever had any gastro problems.
So, now my son is being sent home. My son is devastated! he fought hard to stay there and continue his training. Even his SDI was fighting for my son to stay.
I have also spoken with a couple of Captain and was told that there is a chance for my son to return;6 month to 2 year waiting period. In addition, his recruiting sarge will be helping my son with the medical waiver.

My question is; does anyone know of someone who has had developed this medical condition that has successfully returned and completed Marine training?
My son like I said is devasted and the only thing he wants to be is a Marine.
Not because it is my son, but he has never been in trouble with the law, never done anything for my to worry about him. He is an Eagle Scout and wants nothing more than to be a Marine.

Kindly give me your thoughts on this.....

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Theresa Oliver Avatar


I'm sorry to hear your son was sent home. My son is in the process of Gas Chamber exercise and I'm so worried after reading your post. I hope he makes it. I thought the swimming test may have been an issue for him as he was never fond of the water but, apparently, he passed! I can imagine how devastated you and your son are. I know we would all be too. I read they put them on medical for a few days until they heal and never thought they would just send them straight home.

Posted by: Theresa Oliver on 12/11/2012