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Joining the Marine Corps

Posted By: Joe Mitchell 09-13-12

My Dad was a China Marine and recipient of the Navy Cross during action on Saipan Island in WWII. I was surprised that he pushed back when I told him that I wanted to enlist. Because I had just turned 17 when I graduated high school I needed parental permission to join. He wouldn't sign the papers until I received a guaranteed MOS which I got in aviation maintenance.

What a wise man. Not only did I get to earn the title, I received technical training that has benefitted me for the last 35 years. And that doesn't include the experiences of worldwide travel and significant leadership experience before I was 21.

Obtaining my Mother's signature was a different story as she thought I should wait until I was 18. With tears in her eyes she told me couldn't bear to send me into harms way. With the recruiter bashfully standing by, I told her it was what I was going to do no matter what. She signed the paper with my Dad, the recruiter made a quick retreat and I left for San Diego five days later!

What a great experience I had serving in the Marines. Of course there were some crummy times but those memories are shadowed by visits to Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Olongapo, Arhus, Lages, Bodo, Columbo and never to be forgotten experiences in-between!

Any young man (or woman) who has a worthy desire to serve his (her) country by becoming a Marine should at least investigate what that experience might contribute to their lives.

Knowledge, skill and abilities enhanced by character building and down right exciting adventure!

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