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My son leaving September 4th to basic training

Posted By: Jesus Perez 08-28-12

My son is leaving very soon and even though i understand this is what he wants to do my heart does not understand that. I worry so much, will he be okay or his spirit broken? He has never been a problem child and is a joy to have around. I am so sadden he is leaving. I will miss him dearly. My mind understands i need to be strong for him, not sure how? I need some advice, please

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Aly Callahan Avatar


Where is your son training? My fiance left the same day. It's hard finding a balance between being strong for them and feeling sad they are gone. As hard as we have it now, they have it even harder and the best thing we can do is to support them fully no matter what. Be positive and encouraging when you hear from him. Let him know how proud you are and how much you love and admire him for the choice he has made. Being strong doesn't mean we can'rt miss them, it just means that their need for our support is greater than our desire to give into the sadness. So take it one day at a time, and try not to worry. Your son will come back a better man, and ultimately, a U.S. Marine.

Posted by: Aly Callahan on 09/07/2012




Michael Seckinger Avatar


Hi Jesus!

My son also left yesterday (the 4th of September) for Parris Island. I am right there with you in regards to the sadness both his mother and I feel in his no longer being around. What keeps me going is the knowledge that my son is in extremely good hands, will be taught things that will benefit him for the rest of his life and that I will have a son that will be able to take care of himself regardless if I am no longer around. Many prayers for you and your son!


Posted by: Michael Seckinger on 09/05/2012