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Son in bootcamp since 6/18/2012

Posted By: Mandy Morris 07-27-12

My son left for bootcamp 6/18/12. He was not suppose to leave till 8/13/2012 but the Marines had an opening and he wanted to go early. It was a big shock when he called me at work and stated he would be leaving in 2 hours for Parris Island. At first I thought he was playing a joke but it turned out to be very true. It's a wonder I didn't get a speeding ticket on my way home to see him before he left!
My son is in Plt 1070 Charlie Company and will graduate 09/14/2012 which I am looking forward to the graduation ceremony. I'm more excited about Family Day and being able to lay my eyes on my son for the first time in 3 months.
My husband and I have sent him protein bars for the whole platoon and Luden cough drops (like candy). He did state in one of his many letters home to not send anything else the DI's told them they have had enough items sent in. Thank you to all who have sent in items to our future Marines.
Proud Mother of a future Marine*

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