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My son - the Marine

Posted By: Beate Beebout 06-28-12

My son left on father's day to go to boot camp. Just got his form letter from him with the address. For the first 14 yrs of his live it was just him and me. He will spend his 18th b-day in boot camp. the first b-day we are apart. I sure miss him and we will throw him a party when he gets home for the 10 days. he will graduate sept 14th.

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Mandy Morris Avatar


My son left on Monday, June 18th and will graduate on Sept. 14th also. He turned 18 in July, his first bday away from me too. Our stories are so similiar and just had to say I understand where your coming from. My son was not suppose to leave til Aug. 13th but they had an opening and he wanted to go.

Posted by: Mandy Morris on 07/16/2012