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My Marine Recuit(:

Posted By: Danielle Hellms 06-28-12

So yesterday Matt (my boyfriend) wrote his mom a letter. And I was visiting her when she got it we were both so excited. Then I rushed home to see if i got a letter. But no I was kinda sad. But today I walked to the mailbox telling myself "there's no mail for me there's no mail for me" but I looked through all the bills to find a small little letter from my Marine Recruit!!!!!!!! I was so excited I started to tear up(: he is having a good time.(: so for all you moms and girlfriends waiting for a letter it will be the best feeling in the world and I can't wait for you to feel the same as me(: it really helps the the feeling of being lonely. You will feel so much better(: hope this helps a little(:

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