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moving to okinawa

Posted By: Stevie Allred 04-20-12

My marine is currently stationed in Okinawa. We plan on getting married in August. Of course he wants me to move an live on base with him. As of now we have been separate during all of his training. With the exceptions of the few times he had been home on leave. There is a lot of love and trust we share along with the want to be together. I have many reserves about moving to a foreign county. I was hoping for some advice about moving to Japan. We don't have any children only a cat.

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Daphne Smith Avatar


Hi Stevie, I started dating a Marine 3 months ago and he just told me he is also moving to Okinawa the beginning of October for 2 years. It is an insane idea for me, but I do adore him. He is dignified, dedicated to me and sweet and I respect him enormously. He has already professed his love for me and talked about our future, which is a bit frightening and intense, but it is kind of refreshing to see someone so assured. I hope I can be of help to you as I've traveled quite a bit and have lived abroad before. And know you are further along in your relationship...but it sounds like you have quite a lot ahead of you. What I hear is that the other Marines' wives are often extremely helpful and supportive and that you will not be alone when there. You will adjust and who knows, this may be a great experience for you. :) I think finding a great person who you love is the most important factor. I don't know how much help I can really be as I'm completely new to all of this (have never even dated someone in the military or known anything military period). Anyway, best of luck to you.. :)

Posted by: Daphne Smith on 07/30/2012