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A Marine who strived to be where he is now

Posted By: shayna vargas 04-15-12


My marine

graduation day at Parris Island 3/9/12

my husband

My Marine always have my support

2 years ago I met the man I am married to right now who has earned the title as a United States Marine. Our journey since being together was not a fairytale we seriously faced situations we had no clue if at the end of the day we would be here where we stand right now, when my husband decided to make the decision of joining the MARINE CORPS.

I was so nervous and scared at the time we were not married but i new that no matter what i will stand by him because he always stood by me and never left my side, when he signed his contract and his ship date was set to start his journey as a RECRUIT in Parris Island, SC on December 12,2011 it hit me that my husband will strive for a new beginning and is willing to fight for this Nation and his family. The day he left it was hard to know in three months we will only communicate through letters but those letter is what made our hearts grow fonder of one another, we valued what we had and not being with each other we learned that life is a privilege and to accept what you have and love it because in any given moment you can be gone, we did not say our goodbyes we said i'll see you then.... and that day he graduated, and that very first hug in 3 months on family day made me the happiest woman ever just to have him, the new man that i saw standing before my very own eyes is amazing and he truly carries himself by the every day value of being a marine and a Grunt at that.

He works hard to be where he is now, he strives, stays motivated and we are fortunate that we have each other to push through anything together and at the end of the day he is blessed just like i am. I am a proud Marine Wife and a very strong one at that. To be in this lifestyle it is not easy it is not all fun and games it takes a lot of courage and strength not just mentally but physically and a lot of love.

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Carolyn  Alvarado Avatar


I don't have a husband who is a Marine, but I do have my son who is. I have no idea what it takes to be a Marine Wife, what you deal with, how you feel, but I do know what it takes to be a Marine Mom, what I deal with, and how I feel. I can imagine they are different but yet somehow the same. The love and pride I have for my son is not the same as the love and pride you have for your husband, but in some ways they are very much the same. I miss my son when he is not with me, when I dont hear from him, when hes gone for hoildays and birthdays just the same as you do. We are all a family, weather its Marine mom, or Marine Wife and its the best family to belong too....Oohary

Posted by: Carolyn Alvarado on 05/07/2012