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My Son, A New US Marine!

Posted By: Joan Schenck 03-28-12

When my son was picked up by the Sgt on 1/8/12, I didn't know what to expect so I read everything they offer online. A few days later we heard him yelling into the phone that he had arrived in SD, and I thought it was going to be a long, sad three months. I learned patience, and wrote to him almost daily, and then his letters arrived. He told me he was having fun & working hard with his 3rd BN, Kilo Co, PLT 3221 members. He said the best part was all the new friends he was bonding with. Well, I no longer worry, I know he can take care of himself, and as an only child he will always be a part of the brotherhood of the USMC! We are proud and blessed to have our son graduate next week! I've been so emotional and so excited just thinking what it will be like to see my son for the first time in his uniform! I'm so happy for him with his new career, no longer a recruit, but he has earned the title of a United States Marine!

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Melissa Cargill Avatar


I feel very much the same way you did, I can't wait to see him again...he graduates 6/8, seems so far away. He's my only son, first time away from home, hungry for letters from home. I too write almost daily, eager to hear from him again. I hang on to every word he writes, and see a difference in his tone in his letters already. Congrats on your new Marine!

Posted by: Melissa Cargill on 04/02/2012




Brittney Monroe Avatar


Congratulations on your new Marine! I was there a few months ago! I hope for happiness for you all!

Posted by: Brittney Monroe on 03/30/2012