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parris island plt 3029 india-graduation april 13

Posted By: nairobi paulino 03-15-12

my boyfriend left to boot-camp January 16 this was my worst day i cry all day i couldn't sleep or eat nothing the only thing i had on my mind was him. Since he left i been really depress this is the first time we been apart. We have been together since 2008. We used to do everything together. Every time he writes to me all i do is cry i can’t wait to see him. i write to him almost every day. i try to encourage him and motivate him even though i feel so empty inside. i don't tell him how i really feel because i know that he won’t be able to focus knowing that i am like this. i keep in contact with his parents now we are planning our trip to his graduation. We already did the reservation for the hotel. We’ll be staying at Detreville house. Now we are trying to find out the best way to get there. We are from New York. i can’t wait for that day that is my very day motivation.

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