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My son a future Marine

Posted By: Melinda Lyon 02-23-12

Hi, my son left on Sunday February 12th and arrived in WV, then spend the night and arrived at Parris Island on Monday..I got the phone call at 7:00, which I didn't even recognize him. He's in Platoon 3032. Are there any parents out there in this same group?

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Aimee  Lord Avatar


My son Donavan is in PLT 3032!!

Posted by: Aimee Lord on 03/12/2012




harold blane Avatar


i'm a Nigerian,i've always wantd to be a marine since i found out about em when i was 16.nw i'm 19 and done with high school.i'm presently processing my visa to the states.any parent out there reading this should know what its like growing up without parents.i want to fight and protect a new homeland,an oppurtunity my country never gave me.i'm willing to serve the united states of America among the FEW AND THE PROUD.harold.

Posted by: harold blane on 02/28/2012