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Graduation Days

Posted By: Annette Fleming 02-21-12

Our family watched with pride as our son and brother, a new Marine marched across the parade deck on Dec 2, 2011. The day before I watched with pride during family day as my husband a Marine himself and son walked around P.I. and talked about how it had changed and the jokes that had started between them as dad was 1st Bat. and his son a 2nd Bat. Marine. who had alot to measure up to. As he saluted his DI for one final time and picked up his things I wish then I would have realized life would never again be the same, but that for me, his mom, still had not quite set in. He was home for his short leave and gone like a wild wind storm that had blown thru the valley leaving us to pick up the pieces and regroup as a family. Praying to God all would still be okay. he reported to Jacksonville, NC with his new found confidence of being a Marine. He presented himself to his fellow marines like a father presents a newborn child to a family waiting at home. At first he sent home a couple letters, reminding us of the days of being a recruit and then occaisionally we received a phone call or a text message. My husband helped him make it so we could see him by sending him some new technology. It was great!!! Shortly after his chances to call home grew shorter again and I was told he was back in training. Another graduation day to look forward to. Another proud moment in our sons Life as a Marine. God Bless the Marines is my daily thought and a proud moment to my day as a Marine Mom.

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Hi Annette,

Thank you for participating on I hope you find this website useful as a Marine parent. Please feel free to search the site and comment on stories you find interesting/helpful and please keep us updated on your son's story. We hope you continue to use this site for support.

-LifeAsAMarine Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 02/23/2012