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Unexpected call

Posted By: Deana Forrester 02-19-12


My son left for bootcamp 2 weeks ago today. I miss him so much and often find myself thinking about what he may be doing and how he is. He has wanted this for more than 4 years and I am so proud of his decision to become a US MARINE! Night before last, I had a dream that he called me and told me he was coming home because he just couldn't handle it. He was heartbroken as was I for him. I woke up in tears and worried about him all day yesterday. I prayed to God that he would give my son the strength and courage to get through this. Then at about 3:00 pm yesterday, an unrecognizable rang my phone.

My husband answered it and practically threw the phone at me telling me it was my son. He only had 2 minutes to talk, but in that 2 minutes, I knew he was ok and that he can do this! He told me he was getting strongr everyday and that he was really homesick, but his Sr. DI was really good about keeping morale up. He also told me that he is actually having a blast! I felt so much better knowing he was ok. Before we hung up, we each said our goodbyes and I love you's and I told him I would see him May 3rd at family day. He proudly and boldly stayed "Yes ma'am!"

I truly believed God had a part in the phone call and that my prayers are being answered!

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WOW! My son graduates from MCRD May 3rd too! Wish I got a phone call. I miss him so much;(

Posted by: Sharrol Jenkins on 02/25/2012