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Parris Island boot camp

Posted By: Linda Ratajczak 02-07-12

My wonderful son, left for Parris Island January 23rd. He is in Co. B. I received my phone call from him, and just received his first letter, which i must say was pretty heartbreaking, as he voiced how much he missed us, and wished he was home. I know he is prepared, but i'm sure it was quite an adjustment actually being there. Love him, and miss him.....letters are going out to him daily, from myself, his family, and friends.

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Hi Linda,

Thank you for participating on I hope you find this website useful as a Marine parent. Please feel free to search the site and comment on stories you find interesting/helpful and please keep us updated on your son's progress through boot camp and of course graduation. We hope you continue to use this site for support.

-LifeAsAMarine Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 02/10/2012