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Family Day and Graduation Day.

Posted By: Pamela Ferguson 01-10-12


Graduation morning - Sunrise Parris Island


Brother and Sister (Family day -  hugging my Marine)

Graduation Day!

Nothing could prepare me for the emotions I would feel on this day, The 9 hour drive was incredibly stressful, we left on Wednesday afternoon not a moment to soon. I had so many emotions, so many memories, so many thoughts. I can only imagine how my parents felt. I wanted Thursday ( family day) to be here already, so I can hold my brother and bring him home.

When we got to Parris Island I had butterflies I think we all did. sitting on the bleachers watching the short clip of what these recruits and now Marines went through was extremely brutal and emotional, I cant imagine how scared yet excited these recruits felt. I know first hand my brother really wanted this, this was his dream. Then watching them march in was amazing. after the small introduction and the marines were released for 5 hrs to there families and we saw him I just shouted to my mom " go get him mom, go get your boy" and she was off.

I ran down those stairs after her and I was of course the second to hug my Marine!! I couldn't stop crying the emotions were over whelming as they were for him. After the family and his friends got there congrats and hugs out of the way, he took us around the place we went to where they slept, the museum, went to eat and of course took some pictures. Then it was time to go back he had to practice for graduation the next day.

Graduation morning was exciting not only for him but for us. The past 13 weeks marked the beginning of what he would see and go through later once deployed. They did what they had to do to prepare them, And he did it they all did. That morning they all graduated as U.S. Marines.

We are 13 years apart and yet we are so close he is my little brother but he is my best friend and my hero.

I love you Mikey we are so proud of you congratulations!!!



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John Kirkland Avatar


Semper Fi from a dad of a US Marine who has been out about 3 years now. Once a Marine always a Marine and the families of Marines become families......You should be so very proud of your brother as I know you are. He has gone throught what us undescribale to the average person unless one experiences it to earn the title of a US Marine. What he has gone throught these last few months has prepared him for what he may encounter when he is deployed. He is strong and stronger than anyone who knew him before ever knew. Not just in body but in mind and in heart and in his beliefs..Pround of you Mikey and sis keep the cards and letter coming as they mean so much when one is away from home or deployed to unknow lands

Posted by: John Kirkland on 02/21/2012




Dina Palmieri Avatar


I can completely relate to your story. My brother and I are 16 years apart. Aside from the birth of my children, that was the proudest moment of my life so far! We also had a 9-10 hour drive, and I remember just wanting to get there. You didn't mention watching them run the day before graduation. I couldn't find my brother mainly because he didn't look anything like the chubby little cheeks that we had sent away!!! I remember sitting on the bleachers watching the video as you describe and feeling proud and wanting to cry at the same time. I can't believe my little brother went through the crucible! But when it was over, unlike you, I ran as fast I could and jumped over all of the bleachers to get to him and I was the first one to hug my Marine!!! I'm glad that they were as hard on him as they were. He just got back from Afghanistan last month. That's right, he got back. If it wasn't for the first class training he received from the Marine Corp, he would never have been as prepared as he was. Thank you USMC, thank LCpl Robert Furstoss!!!!

Posted by: Dina Palmieri on 02/21/2012




david  russell Avatar

Former Marine

Thank you for your story. It bring back memories.
USMC 81-85

Posted by: david russell on 02/21/2012