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The phone call before Graduation.

Posted By: Pamela Ferguson 01-03-12


My brother called my mother, this past weekend Jan 1st 2012, it took everything for my mom to fight back tears to hold a conversation. We hadn't heard his voice in 12 weeks as I heard my mom screaming "where are you? How are you calling?" I rushed to her to see if I could hear through the phone or atleast get a my " I love you Mikey" scream so he could hear and know we are all excited and happy and anxious to see him.

Right before he hung up with my mom he asked to speak to me, hearing his voice was the happiest moment of life, he said he narrowed a civilians Phone to make this phone call,

he said, " hi sis how are you?," he followed it by "I DID IT I'M A U.S. MARINE!!!"

We are so proud of him. Graduation is in 3 days we leave for PI tomorrow.

My brother left a boy and is coming back a Man! You Did it, you are a Marine!!! phase one(the transformation) is complete.

We love you so much!!

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Diane Smith Avatar


From the dates, I believe you went to a graduation this morning! Tell your brother we said congratulations and THANK YOU!! And thank you to you and your family for making it thru these last 13 weeks! Our son graduates next Friday (1/13) so we should be getting that phone call this Sunday. I can hardly stand the wait!! I thought it would never get here.

Posted by: Diane Smith on 01/06/2012




Pamela Ferguson Avatar


Thank you Diane, Congrats to your son as well. Hang in there its almost time to bring your Marine home. :)

Posted by: Pamela Ferguson on 01/10/2012