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diane charnley Avatar


Missing my son

Posted By: diane charnley 12-14-11

My son left for boot camp on Dec 12th and he still hasn't called home yet. I am waiting for his call or a post card where I can at least right to him. I'm not sure how to deal with him being gone. Any suggestions out there? He's my baby

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lisa minor Avatar


My son left on December 5th, I have gotten 2 letters, and I know he has written to at least 3 other people. I also have sent him 5 letters so far. You can get ahold of his recruiter for his address, they will have it within a week of him leaving. You can send the letters right away. Then when your son writes back it will be the same address but with the addition of a po box. I so feel your pain, my son is my baby too, he was way stronger than I am. His letters are tough to read sometimes cause he is very homesick but the letters will get him through the tough times! Hang in there it gets a little better when the letters start flowing

Posted by: lisa minor on 12/29/2011




Shelby Rappa Avatar


Hello, Diane

I can relate to how your feeling because my Son left for Marine Boot Camp on the same day. I did recieve a screened phone call the night he arrived at Parris Island to ensure me that he arrived safely. Hang in there, he should be writing this coming week and you will recieve a letter in about a week or so. Please know that your not alone and there are many parents on this very website that can answer your questions and alleviate your worries. Your son is training side by side with my son, now they are brothers with Proud and supportive Mother's waiting to hear how everything is going.

Semper Fidelis My Friend!!!!!!!

Posted by: Shelby Rappa on 12/18/2011




Karin Eveland Avatar


My son also left for boot camp -Parris Island, on the 12th. Have also not heard from him but did hear from a Marine Capt today. Seems my son has some shoulder pain and has been transfered to the MRP unit which is basically rehab/physical therapy. Means he is not training, but rehabing to restart his training. I am sad for him but glad they are taking care of him. Still can't talk to him, but did find out that I can send some Christmas cookies to him when I get his mailing address. Waiting is frustrating, but it will be fine. I believe in my son and I believe in the armed forces. God Bless them all!!

Posted by: Karin Eveland on 12/16/2011




Cheryl Dietz Avatar


They are too busy with "CRUCIBLE" for the first 3 days they get there.. go to It has the schedule showing what our kids are doing. I've read what they'll be doing & believe me they are busy!!!!

Posted by: Cheryl Dietz on 12/16/2011




Cheryl Dietz Avatar


Call his recuiter. They help you. I talked to my daughters today (she left Dec. 11th) & he told me no news is good news. If there were a problem he would be told. I understand your nervousness. Feeling the same myself... Hang tight, it will all be ok.

Posted by: Cheryl Dietz on 12/15/2011




luis martinez Avatar


I feel the same way. my daughter left for bootcamp on the 12th and still have'nt received anything. worried dad.

Posted by: luis martinez on 12/15/2011