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Posted By: Jen Hammond 11-29-11


My daughter left for Parris Island on 11/28/11. Thankfully I did fairly well keeping it together in front of her yesterday, but today is a completely different story! I pray she is doing better with this than I am. I know it will get easier with time, just hoping that comes sooner than later. I am so very proud of her, and know she will do well.

Any thoughts on what to expect with the first few letters home??

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Ana Bare Avatar


The first letter its going to be generic with what NOT to send and her address, her second letter may break your heart but write her daily, and once you get that letter about 7-10 days after she leave with the address mail all your letters at once, include some envelopes and postal stamps (*they are highly appreciated)

Posted by: Ana Bare on 12/13/2011