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Christmas as a recruit

Posted By: pa falcone 11-28-11

My son has been at parris island since Nov. 7. We've received mail from him but so far he hasn't gotten anything from us. I don't know what to do about christmas. Should I send him something? If so, what would be ok for him to get?

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kammie sifonte Avatar


gifts or food things of that sort aren't recommended i also have a recruit(boy friend) who left on nov 7 from NYC, he is in the 2nd RTBN, and he is in platoon 2013 company G. our men could know each other

anyway from what i have read and learned from former marines, cards are acceptable and as odd as it sounds there are these things called "mole skins" you can buy at a drug store they prevent and help blisters they go in your boot, you can get two boxes of that (open it and put them in)and stick it in a manilla envelope :) they are as you can imagine very helpful! a regular manilla envelope is just fine

also you can do something that can take some time- but put together some tips that you can gather from the internet about the crucible or upcoming events on his schedule(google it !) they can be helpful and thoughtful :)

then save his real christmas gift for february 3rd when he gets to graduate and go home with you!!!

Posted by: kammie sifonte on 12/12/2011