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Graduation Day Ceremony Parris Island (11-18-11)

Posted By: Joseph Palladino 11-24-11

We recently attended my sons Graduation Ceremony at Parris Island last week "What a Ceremony". Both Mike and November Co's. graduated approx 600 Marine men and women what an honor to be there. If you still dont fully understand what the U.S. Marines are about or your roll as a U.S. Marine family attend your childs graduation ceremony. You will be very proud that you did. "Earned Never Given Always Faithful". God Bless all U.S. Servicemen and Servicewomen.

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Mr. Palladino, thank you for your participation on We appreciate you sharing your story with our community. It is encouraging to read about your son's graduation ceremony. Please continue to update us on your son's journey in the United States Marine Corps Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 11/28/2011




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Thank You for your comments. It will be an honor to keep updating on my sons progress. Very proud to be a father of this U.S.Marine.

Posted by: Joseph Palladino on 11/29/2011