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6 days and Crying spells won't quit

Posted By: stacey thomas williams 11-20-11

It's Sunday morning, and he left on Tuesday. This is just like he said to me once, "college was only an hr away and i could call, write, and visit". Can't do anything now but pray and Trust God. Dreamt thru out the night about my son and was waking up praying. Crying spells don't hit constantly, but every now and then I they hit me. Today is one of those days. I am wishing for a letter soon. Just an " I'm okay" would be great. I have letters I can't wait to mail. Does anyone know if they have Church on Sundays? not that my son has been in church every Sunday when home, i am just hoping that is not only a break from training but that he will remember to pray. I know this is a good experience for him, yet I just want him to know that he is missed so much. My husband is taking it so much better than me. I guess it's just a Mom thing. Thanks for letting me share my story.

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Deanna Dytri Avatar


Yep they sure do have church every Sunday. Once you start receiving your letters from him, some tears will subside. But then again, I cry while reading his letters lol
I miss my son so much, its so hard to put into words. Were moms and thats what we do.

Posted by: Deanna Dytri on 12/06/2011