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Arrived on Parris Island

Posted By: Raedell Hoover 11-16-11

My son left for bootcamp Sunday, Nov.13. I recieved the phone call that he arrived safely on Parris Island and the majority of that call is a blur. I went into Mom mode and rather than listening to what he had to say, I was listening for ..does he sound homesick, afraid, cold, hungry, etc. He sounded a little tired but when he hung up, I didn't want to cry, I wanted to salute him. I miss him and think about him everyday but I know he will do great !

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Scott Van Natta Avatar


My son left today. Found out yesterday that someone dropped out and they had a last minute opening (didn't think he would be gone this quick...).

Now we are waiting for the call.....have a recorder ready so that we can listen to it again later (assuming we remember to hit speaker on the phone and turn on the recorder. What time of the day/night do most calls take place?

Posted by: Scott Van Natta on 11/29/2011




Michael  Ferguson Avatar


My son left for P.I. on Oct.11. His 1st couple of letters were very depressing. My wife cried for 2 weeks. However, after that, his letters sounded much more upbeat & positive. He is actually enjoying boot camp at this point. One recent letter, he told us that it was fun. Doesn't sound like the 1st letters at all. Of course, he's in countdown mode to Jan. 6. That being said, your son will be fine. He WILL make it through boot camp. Write many letters. Keep them positive. God bless him & your family. Best of luck. Happy Thanksgiving.

Father of a Recruit

Posted by: Michael Ferguson on 11/22/2011




stacey thomas williams Avatar


My son arrived on Tues, Nov. 15. I received a phone call also. I am glad to know that I am not the only person that says the call was like a blur. The call left me in awe. I did not have time to even say hello. But Thank God, he made it there safely. I have to continuously pray and remind myself that he is alrigt. My sister is taking it harder than me. I have my crying spells but I so want him to do well in life. Missing him so very much, can't wait until I get a letter from him and an address.

Posted by: stacey thomas williams on 11/17/2011




Community Manager Avatar


Stacey, welcome to Thank you for your feedback and participation, please continue to comment and feel free to submit a story to the site and update us on your son's journey through boot camp. Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 11/18/2011