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Is this typical?

Posted By: Rachel JS 11-13-11

So my boyfriend and I have been corresponding through letters of course, and so far I have recieved 5 letters from him, the only problem is that he has only received one of my four letters. I am starting to get frustrated and he is starting to feel like I am avoiding sending letters, which is not the case AT ALL. A man that was a Marine when he was younger told me that they may be withholding letters from him. This made me upset. Why would they be doing this if they are at all? I NEED to know that my letters are getting to him because this is our only way of communication. Has anyone ever experienced this before? When will he get my other letters that I sent weeks and days ago? If anyone has information on this I would greatly appreciate it. I understand that the Marines want him to focus on what he's doing there, but I don't want our relationship to suffer because they are purposefully keeping mail from him. Please Help...!

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Rachel JS Avatar


Thanks everyone for the helpful comments. :} He has finally gotten my second letter! So i'm happy about that! I do try to keep my letters upbeat:} i draw crazy little pictures and his mom sends funny pictures to him of he and I.
I think it's the right address. I am using the exact one that his mom got from the Marine Corp letter from his drill instructor. I've noticed that my boyfriend sometimes writes a different address on the envelope, but I never use the one on his envelope, just in case. At first I thought that might have been the problem but then I researched it online and found that it could take up to a week for my letters to get to him. I havent kissed the envelope, just the letter inside. Could that still get him into trouble? :} Do they read his mail after he's looked at it?
Thanks Lexie! your information really helped, and it is frustrating, but we'll get through it! :} God Bless all of you and your Marines!:}

Posted by: Rachel JS on 11/22/2011




Chris Lloyd Avatar


Hang in there, Rachel, he'll get them. Our son gets our letters in 4 to 5 days. we've sent about 15 since he left OCT 24th. Just keep writing him and encouraging him. He is going to need to hear from you to help him get through it. Stay positive and upbeat, even when your not. Your letters will get him through!!

Posted by: Chris Lloyd on 11/19/2011




Julie Ollivier Avatar


Are you certain you are addressing the letters correctly? The first letter sent by the Marine Corp should have been from his senior drill instructor, which has instructions and his correct address. I know there are many companies, platoons, etc so if the letter is not addressed properly it won't get to him. Also, the Marine Corp is strict about what you send. Don't send him any pkgs, risky photos, food, etc. If you spray his letter with perfume or put lipstick kisses on it your boyfriend will pay in pushups, sit ups, pull ups etc. Have you tried to contact his recruiter for help? Good Luck!!!

Posted by: Julie Ollivier on 11/19/2011




Lexie Hughes Avatar


hi rachel. They don't recieve "mail call" everyday, is what i am hearing. & also it takes up to 7-14 day's for them to recieve our mail. I know it's hard, my boyfriend has sent me three letter's & the last letter i recieved was last thursday 10th, & he said he still has not recieved any mail from me. & i sent my first letter out Nov. 2nd. So now it's just a waiting game, & it's making me crazy! But i guess the first phase, they don't recieve much mail, so hang in there. He will recieve them, & i am sure he understands. It's snail mail, & it sucks because now it's going to be even slower due to the holidays... But they say that they don't hold mail from them, they just dont call out mail everyday.. Hope this info helps, stay strong, he will get you mail soon. (:

Posted by: Lexie Hughes on 11/15/2011